Friday, May 9, 2014

There's no going back now!

We have been planning on giving the main interior of our home a "face lift" for some time. The floors were driving us crazy (They were a lower quality laminate wood that was hard to keep clean, and didn't hold up well to animals and children!), the wall needed a color change, and the chew marks on the corners of our baseboards from or sweet rottweiler Diesel (When he was a puppy.) need to go! Finally, last weekend, we started that process!

My husband is doing the flooring himself, because he's awesome like that. He pulled our old flooring up, took a look around, and then decided we should definitely paint first. Now, we are typically "do-it-yourselfers." We're cheap like that, and it's fun! (My husband would say I think it's fun because I mainly supervise. Hey, he can't say I'm not good at it!) But, there is just no possible way we could paint the super-tall walls and ceiling in our entry and living room area. No way. At all. We can barely get a light bulb changed up there with one of those extension rods! So we have to call the pros in for this one!

We are having CertaPro of Central Arkansas do the job. They came Wednesday to take a look at the work and give me the proposal. Yes, it's going to cost a bit...but I think it's actually a really reasonable price considering everything they are doing for us. Not only does it include the paint, but it also includes fixing the baseboards and painting them as well! They also have really great reviews on Angie's List.

But right now, we're at a stand-still. The rep said their schedule is about a week out, so now we're just waiting on a date. In the mean time, this is what our living room looks like...

Eeeek, is right!

The children are not pleased. Especially my ten year old son. He is a total man about his couch, remote, and television! It's okay, the benefit of suffering through this is that I get to pick out new living room furniture soon!

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  1. OMG!! You got it good (well better than i did) when i was getting basically the whole inside of my house re-done!! It was a major disaster to the point where i didn't even want to step foot inside my own home. I am sure it will turn our marvelous especially since my brother is doing it himself- gives it that extra special touch :) Can't wait to see finished pictures!!