Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Enter to Win!

My mystery hostess party went so well that I've decided to do another giveaway!

From now until June 9th, make a purchase of any amount of my current Younique Online Party, and be entered to win a half-off product! The half-off prize can be used on a single item, a set, or even a collection! Yes, that means that you can get our most expensive collection for half-off! SWEET!

Place orders through this party: Holly's Younique Online Party

Happy Shopping!!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Mystery Hostess Winner Announced!

Congratulations!!!! $43.20 in y-cash is YOURS! AND you get two half-off items that can be used on sets and collections!

Thank you to EVERYONE who participated in this event! It was SO MUCH FUN! I will be doing another in the future, so be looking for that announcement! :)

This party might be over, but the May Kudo's Exclusive Mini-Collection is STILL available for purchase! After tomorrow, May 31st, this deal is gone FOREVER! If you haven't purchased yet, to do now! Click Here to Shop!

Would you like to earn these hostess rewards? Contact me about hosting your own Younique Online Party! It's easy, free, and FUN!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What's been happening?

Woo! It's been a hot minute!

What have I been up to?


We started with this:

It was finally painting day!

 Two days later, and the painting was finished!

But then the painting contractor gave us a great idea for the stone around our fireplace. (They fixed some cracks and them did a clear coat over it all to seal it in and give it a gorgeous wet look!)

Then I decided our bedroom needed to be painted. And since the flooring was out of the way, I decided to do it myself! My husband went out and bought me a nifty spray gun.

 The spray gun worked out well, but I was left with a smurf tan.

We're in love with the color! I let my husband  pick this one out, and I think he did a great job! And props to myself for how the painting came out! ;)

Next it was time to get started on the floors. We have them all done in the entry and living room...

Which was just in time for our new living room furniture to be delivered! And you see that little circle object there? That's my new best friend, a Roomba we have named "Roo." She is in charge of all of the vacuuming around here now. I picked her up from Kohl's with a 30% off coupon and Kohl's cash. Heck yes!

Now we need to finish the flooring in our room, and put down the new floor mouldings. Then we will be able to move back into our bedroom. We have currently been using my son's room, which banished him to his sisters' room. He's been a good sport about it, but I know he really wants his bed back. I really want my bed back!!

Throw in all the typical craziness that usually comes along in May, such as end of school year activities, dance dress rehearsals, my youngest starting cheerleading, and running my home based business...I'm exhausted!

I curently have a Mystery Hostess Party going on. All who make an order of any amount will be entered to win all of the hostess rewards, which right now stands at $23.10 in "y-cash" and a half-off item that can even be used on the sets or collections! The party ends tomorrow night, so make your purchase soon for your chance to win! If you don't have the 3D Fiber Mascara yet, it's a must try. You will love it. I guarantee that!

Shop Here: Mystery Hostess Party

Friday, May 9, 2014

There's no going back now!

We have been planning on giving the main interior of our home a "face lift" for some time. The floors were driving us crazy (They were a lower quality laminate wood that was hard to keep clean, and didn't hold up well to animals and children!), the wall needed a color change, and the chew marks on the corners of our baseboards from or sweet rottweiler Diesel (When he was a puppy.) need to go! Finally, last weekend, we started that process!

My husband is doing the flooring himself, because he's awesome like that. He pulled our old flooring up, took a look around, and then decided we should definitely paint first. Now, we are typically "do-it-yourselfers." We're cheap like that, and it's fun! (My husband would say I think it's fun because I mainly supervise. Hey, he can't say I'm not good at it!) But, there is just no possible way we could paint the super-tall walls and ceiling in our entry and living room area. No way. At all. We can barely get a light bulb changed up there with one of those extension rods! So we have to call the pros in for this one!

We are having CertaPro of Central Arkansas do the job. They came Wednesday to take a look at the work and give me the proposal. Yes, it's going to cost a bit...but I think it's actually a really reasonable price considering everything they are doing for us. Not only does it include the paint, but it also includes fixing the baseboards and painting them as well! They also have really great reviews on Angie's List.

But right now, we're at a stand-still. The rep said their schedule is about a week out, so now we're just waiting on a date. In the mean time, this is what our living room looks like...

Eeeek, is right!

The children are not pleased. Especially my ten year old son. He is a total man about his couch, remote, and television! It's okay, the benefit of suffering through this is that I get to pick out new living room furniture soon!

Friday, May 2, 2014

A little de-stresser for me (and you, too!)

I love makeup! Everything about it is fun, relaxing, and a total stress-killer for me. I like to play around with colors, and try new things. But, I do have a go-to everyday look that is fast and simple for me to put together. I think every girl has that, or should!

That's why I am SO excited about this month's special with Younique!

During the month of May, while supplies last (I want to STRESS this part!), you can order a special "mini collection" put together with some of our best selling items, in colors that flatter anyone! Great savings, and makes a perfect gift for someone or even yourself!

Today I did a quick look with all of these products to give you an idea of what you could do:

All products used are Younique! I used the lighter pigment, Angelic, all over and the darker pigment, Confident, to define my crease and also as eyeliner for my up and lower lash lines. Luxe lip gloss, and of course I have my 3D Fiber Mascara on!! I also have on their primer, along with the pressed cream and powder foundations.

As of this morning 8,035  of these mini-collections have sold and 41,965 are left. I can pretty much guarantee this deal won't be around all month long, in fact- we'll be lucky if they last for two weeks!

To purchase, just follow this link here to my Younique shop.

Feel free to leave any questions in the comments below! I look forward to seeing all of your "Younique" looks you create with this little collection!!

P.S. I went ahead and purchased my two older children's curriculum for next year! We're going easy (to me!) with the Switch on Schoolhouse program from AOP. It came in the mail yesterday!!! We're so excited!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

The tides are changing

Over the past two or so years, I have been on a journey in relation to the education of my children. It's been a journey filled with research, questions, answers, more questions, fears, excitement, tears, laughs, and a whole lot of prayer.

Once this school year finishes, we are taking a leap of faith. We will be homeschooling our children!

This isn't because of some negative consensus we have reached on public or private schooling. Homeschooling is something I believe the Lord placed on my heart for consideration. It started with my son's struggles in second grade. After lots of discussion, and again prayer, we decided we didn't want to "go out on a bad note," and elected to go another year in public school.

I am so glad we did. My son's third grade year was one of the best he has ever had. His teacher was such a blessing to us. She helped him feel safe and secure in her classroom, and guided him along in taking chances and developing in areas that were huge struggles.  After his successful third grade year, we decided to go on with fourth grade. That has been this year, and it's been a great year! But, along the way I was still in prayer and consideration of homeschooling. I've learned so much about the topic, and it blows my mind to think of all of the possibilities we have!

Next year I will have a 5th grader and a 4th grader at home with me. I will also have a preschooler, though she will continue in her private preschool, a few days a week, for one more year before beginning Kindergarten at home.

I'm excited!

I'm scared!

We're ready.

But first...summer break!

Oh, and purchasing of curriculum. I think I have my mind made up on what we'll be using, but there are so many options! I'd appreciate any and all recommendations! Alpha Omega Publications is having their 20% off sale this month, so I do want to take advantage of that and get some things to try. Let me know what you have used and liked or didn't like!