Thursday, April 3, 2014

The tides are changing

Over the past two or so years, I have been on a journey in relation to the education of my children. It's been a journey filled with research, questions, answers, more questions, fears, excitement, tears, laughs, and a whole lot of prayer.

Once this school year finishes, we are taking a leap of faith. We will be homeschooling our children!

This isn't because of some negative consensus we have reached on public or private schooling. Homeschooling is something I believe the Lord placed on my heart for consideration. It started with my son's struggles in second grade. After lots of discussion, and again prayer, we decided we didn't want to "go out on a bad note," and elected to go another year in public school.

I am so glad we did. My son's third grade year was one of the best he has ever had. His teacher was such a blessing to us. She helped him feel safe and secure in her classroom, and guided him along in taking chances and developing in areas that were huge struggles.  After his successful third grade year, we decided to go on with fourth grade. That has been this year, and it's been a great year! But, along the way I was still in prayer and consideration of homeschooling. I've learned so much about the topic, and it blows my mind to think of all of the possibilities we have!

Next year I will have a 5th grader and a 4th grader at home with me. I will also have a preschooler, though she will continue in her private preschool, a few days a week, for one more year before beginning Kindergarten at home.

I'm excited!

I'm scared!

We're ready.

But first...summer break!

Oh, and purchasing of curriculum. I think I have my mind made up on what we'll be using, but there are so many options! I'd appreciate any and all recommendations! Alpha Omega Publications is having their 20% off sale this month, so I do want to take advantage of that and get some things to try. Let me know what you have used and liked or didn't like!